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The Katartizo Group

Our goal is to connect low-income families to options for employment that results in financial security without the need for working more than one job.

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Our Mission

The Katartizo Initiative Group or the “K” Initiative is an organization dedicated to the
equipping, strengthening, training, and successful rehabilitation and adaptation of disconnected youth
and their families to societal liberties that have been disproportioned due to the gap that exists in
effectively provide alternatives to college by way of skills and trades. To do so, there are things that are
essential to their basic foundation, ie, building blocks, that, without these building blocks, the
the magnitude of a person’s future is inhibited by their current reality.


These building blocks include but are not limited to, education in desired skill or trade, exposure and access to avenues where opportunities or programs exist to help build marketable skills, mentorships by corporate partners dedicated to the empowering and fortification of future business leaders, and lastly, initiative, which is the start of something, with the hope that it continues. What is it continuing; and inspired lasting approach to productive change within the family unit?


Reach out to us, we are always welcome to hear your feedback and give more information on the program.


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