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Momma I Don't Want to Go to College!

The 4th Annual “Momma I Don’t Want to Go to College!” Trade Career Expo/Job Fair provides an annual event to educate and expose the community to opportunities for success without a college degree.  All vendors will provide information on opportunities for training/certification programs, on-the-job training; skills/trades positions, apprenticeships, and other “Blue Collar” jobs.  The theme this year will continue to include the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle’s “Too Big to Fail” but will also focus on economic mobility post-COVID-19.

This expo is great for Individuals ages 16-24 who are not interested in or appropriate for college; youth who are currently involved with foster care or the criminal justice system; current college students who are overwhelmed with college or no longer interested; head of households currently earning less than $30k;
individuals with a criminal history; college grads who have not been able to secure a job; and anyone who is interested in something else.

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The Expo

We want to empower youth to make decisions about their post-secondary choice by providing them with options to dream big. We strive to create a buffer to post-secondary options for graduates who aren’t prepared for college due to
attending an underperforming high school. We believe in equiping students, who do not want to go to college and their parents with information and
support needed to access, prepare, and navigate apprenticeships, work-based learning, paid internships, certification, and skills training. We expose disconnected youth and their families to the value of pursuing middle-skill jobs. Increasing the social capital of disconnected youth by providing opportunities for local, small
business owners to mentor them. We broaden the range of and access to high quality careers for Veterans and individuals involved in the criminal justice system.


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