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"Momma I don't want to go to College": From an expo to a movement!

"Momma I don't want to college"- A conversation that many young people are ready to have!  There is nothing wrong with a Senior deciding to go to "college", a 4 year University, after high school, the problem is that most are pursuing college because they feel pressured by the adults in their lives!  They pursue college because they have been misinformed about other options. Our young people are suffering mentally; disconnecting from,dropping out, or being pushed out of high school, and some turning to illegal activities because when they find themselves not want to participate in the College vs Military game they count themselves out! By failing to educate and expose every young person to every option we also fail to equip them with options if they become a part of the 60% of College Freshmen that don't graduate! 

Dear teachers,

From 2nd grade to 12th grade, I hated school. None of you understood me or took the time to get to know me. I didn't learn like the other kids, I didn't act like them, and I certainly didn't think like them.Some of you told me my only options were ending up dead or in jail. But if you had just been patient with me and treated me like a human being, you would have seen that I was crying out for help. School overwhelmed me. I couldn't sit still, focus, or even feel comfortable.

At 14, I realized I didn't want to go to college. Instead, I found a love for technology. It was like a light in the darkness, something I could finally connect with and excel at. But when I shared this with you, you dismissed it. You told me I needed college to succeed, and you didn't see the potential in me.Despite the doubt and discouragement, I persevered.

At the age of 20 I know 5 coding languages, 2 data visualization softwares, and placed second in a video game design competition. Now, I am currently interning at Wells Fargo as a Systems Operations Engineer 1. It's a role I never thought I would achieve, especially after the words of my high school guidance counselor who told me I wasn't going to be successful.Realizing I proved you all wrong has been bittersweet. It's made me realize that the kid you had no faith in, the one you called "bad," the one who was angry and crying out for help, didn't need college. She needed patience.I wish you could see me now, see what I've become despite the odds stacked against me. But more than that, I wish you could see the potential in every student who might be struggling just like I was.

Makayla Bluefort Class of 2021 High School Graduate

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"Momma I don't wan to go to College" exists to educate and expose all youth and their families to the value in the alternatives to college. Help accomplish this mission.


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